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An special gift is waiting for you! 

Our Tea lovers kit include :

- 3 Cans of Tea ( 3.0 oz each) , each can contains 46 servings of tea and with each serving you can get 2 cups of tea, so basically you can get 92 cups of tea per Tin.

-Receive FREE 1 Bag of 1.5 oz of Tea that you can get 23 servings and make 46 cups of tea.

-Receive FREE 1 Sanctuary Leaf infuser !!

Please add in your notes if you would like to receive any specific color of leaf infuser (RED, BLUE, ORANGE, YELLOW OR GREEN) or any specific flavor for the bag of tea (1.5oz) FREE (SUPER IMMUNE, TUMMY TOX, TURMERIC, SKINNY BIKINI, SLIM XTREME) If you don't add any comment we will send the most popular flavors of teas. 

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