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SANCTUARY EXOTIC TEA is a family-owned company founded in Florida in 2013.

Many wonder how Sanctuary has arised? One day at a family reunion, we remembered how my grandmother had instilled in me the importance of helping the needy. I told them excited to tears remembering that, when I was 8 years old she asked me to accompany her to a very important place. She told me to carry some bags for her without knowing what the bags contained I decided to go with her. Without anyone knowing our little secret, we went together bringing food to the poorest places in Bogota, Colombia. The first time I went I was very surprised and moved because we arrived to a house made of cartons and tins, where two elderly people lived, who opened the door and knew my grandmother by name. She greeted them and went to the cardboard house. The very friendly elderly people offered us a meal, a plate of rice and cold beans. When we finished eating, my grandmother asked if they would not eat? And they told us that the last thing they had to eat had been offered to us. At that moment my grandmother told me to give her the bags I had loaded during our trip and without knowing it she had bought them a groceries bag for them. We did this throughout my childhood, helping different families who lived in cardboard houses. Being an accomplice to her in our adventure to humbly help the needy really moved something in me, just her and me.These secret adventures marked something in me so strong that I could never forget it. Giving is more important than receiving! I taught the same thing to my wife and sons and during this family conversation we thought about how we could help people in need but that we would also help people take care of their health, give them a job opportunity, etc and everything was connected.And there through an idea of ​​my son SANCTUARY was concrete, as a family company that offers high quality blends of whole loose leaf tea. Our tea blends are crafted daily in small batches using only the finest local and artisan ingredients. We saw the need to go back to our origins and take loose leaf teas as our grandmothers used to cure any sickness or just something delicious to drink any time and feel just better, we specialize in natural herbs and different fruits that when mixed had an extraordinary flavors and at the same time cause a real benefit when taking these cold or Hot drinks. With the purchase of our product not only does it benefit the buyer, but a percentage of our profits we donate to different social welfare foundations. At the moment we have a Foundation in Colombia that helps 30 families that live in an extreme need and our mission is to help them integrally so that they have the opportunity to change their life. On a weekly basis, we support families in need by distributing more than 500 food bags in Miami and Broward. SANCTUARY ENTERPRISES LLC is considered the best solution to solve this problem through the daily consumption of our products in order to achieve a high turnover and raise much needed funds for the community.
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